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Our Mission

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We are trailblazing dreamers & creators with passion to design & develop creative products featuring in-house character development. Of our multiple properties, we are currently showcasing our exciting, debut brands Wild Childz"The Gorwlz on the Prowl for Style ", and Bee Bee Chic"Bee a Dreamer...Bee a Beeliever...Bee Everything you were created to Bee !

Lil Dreamers Entertianment© was inspired by the leading lady, Bee Bee Chic, in its early development to Dream Big and powerfully execute its soulful vision and make its dreams reality. After much planning and preparation, immersive foundational work and many mistakes, we are now sharing our light with the world as Dreamcleod©

Who We Are

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Our goal is to make the dreams of our childhood memories and make those into reality through tangible products that not only feed our nostalgic past but encourage and engage the generation or tomorrow through forward-thinking characters, inspirational storytelling, and engaging products. 

What We Do

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First, we dream! Our imagination creates many beautiful, surreal visuals and scenes when reality is suspended. These creations are typically inspired by real-life events and, using our eyes and a pencil as the vehicle, we write the vision and make it plain. With precision, the concepts are transferred from paper to reality via animation, creative writing, and product development.

Our products are developed to inspire people to Dream Big and teach the next generation how to achieve their goals. Beyond their childhood’s wildest dreams. The message, coupled with our products, are purposed to positively impact an individual's mind through creative thinking, in such a way that children develop sound, embraceable memories. Our message even through multiple avenues fosters the development of effective thought patterns to turn everyone’s "real life" goals and dreams into reality for themselves and the world around them. 

Our Core Values

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Competitive Edge

Entrepreneurial Spirit

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Lead Yourself,

Projects, Teams

Quality Decision-Making




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Drive Success

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